Beskidy Ultra - Trail®
Beskidy Ultra - Trail®


The name is no accident. It combines the three things we love: our mountains we know and have been running in for years, the sport we are devoted to and the trail where we spend most of our free time.
We created this race beacuse we believe we are not alone in our passion. We wanted to share with You what we can enjoy on a daily basis, to show You how easily You can realize Your potential by simply running, to give You this unique opportunity to test Your mettle and to reach beyond what You thought was even possible.
There has never been such a race in Poland. You would be hard pressed to find one like that in Europe. 
The date of the race is also not accidental. We wanted you to end the season with a bang still
keeping in mind the beautiful, hard and joyful moments we hope You will spend with us.
We strongly believe that the beauty and magic of our mountains will captivate Your souls like it did with ours.

We are confident you will be back.


New BUT is new team, new courses, new event.


This year, start and finish are located in Szczyrk. There are three courses that, in our opinion are very different but at the same time very challenging.


The first two – 60km and 90km are open to anyone who wants to face them.
260km is a challenge for the most experienced Ultrarunners.


We have designed the courses so, that they are not only an athletic challenge but also a beautiful experience. For every effort you put into every climb you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of our mountains – the Beskidy. We want every kilometer to be worth it so that even on the shortest course you can see almost every part of this beautiful mountain range.


BUT 60 - it is almost 60km course leading from Szczyrk through Klimczok, Bystra, Kolowrot, Szyndzielnia, Dębowiec, Cyberniok, Błatnia, Salmopol and Skrzyczne , back to Szczyrk.
Don't be deluded by distance. This course is demanding and although for many of you this will be your first ultra, make sure you prepare well.


BUT 90 - adds another loop to BUT 60 that leads through Barania Góra, Węgierska Górka, Magurka Radziechowska, Ostre, Skrzyczne and then on to Szczyrk. It's 'only' 30k more but the are not easy. The trail to Barania will let you gain some speed but from Węgierska Górka on it will only get tougher only to be faced with the most difficult climb to Skrzyczne. If you plan to race – think hard on your strategy. If you just want to enjoy the course – be prepared for a great but beautiful challenge.


BUT 260 - you need to prove completion of at least two 100km mountain ultra races within last two years (2012-2014). You will also need to be comfortable with map reading or using a GPS device and hava a substantial mountain experience. The course will not be entirely marked. Competitors will be given maps with the course printed on them, a GPS track (downloadable from the website) and a route itinerary in English and Polish. All unclear areas will be additionally marked. Every competitor will be given a GPS transmitter and will be tracked live online. Aid stations will be spaced every 20-30km and there will be basic sleeping facilities on some of them.
This is ultra at its toughest.





Attention: Major change

BUT 251 changes into BUT Challenge


With so few participants who signed up and payed, it is impossible for us to organise a high quality race.


However, considering the fact that you have already made plans and preparations to a certain extent connected to BUT 251 we've decided to suggest an alternative.


Its called BUT Challenge and it is aimed at the toughest.


There will be no starting fee (only GPS trackers fee) but at the same time it will be a self supported event. We do not provide any aid stations/food, help on the course.


We will provide GPS trackers to follow your progress, detailed maps of the route and some random checkpoints on the course. Food, drinks and rest is all your responsibility.


Some important info:


1. BUT Challenge has no starting fee – only a fee for GPS tracker – (around 70PLN).


2. We supply timing, race centre (possibility to leave your stuff) post race meal.


3. You will be given a map and a GPS track.


4. Start: 2nd October, 10:00 p.m.


5. Time limit is still 64 hours and it is up at 2p.m. On Sunday, 5th October.


6. You can expect random checks on the course where you will have to have your control cards stamped.


7. BUT Challenge is unofficial race therefore we are still trying to have UTMB points qualification. We will keep you posted.


8. There will be no helpavailable from us on the course. External support is allowed as long as you want to and are able to organise it. You will be required t N sing a waiver accepting these terms befere the race.


9. You will be followed (via GPS) at all times so in case you get lost or go off course we will be trying to get in touch and guide you back onto the course. In case anyone neglects our guidelines – they will be disqualifed.


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