Beskidy Ultra - Trail®
Beskidy Ultra - Trail®


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To promote the Beskidy region in Poland and in the world.
To promote the city and nieghbouring boroughs.
To promote mountain ultrarunning.
To promote active life outdoors.


ul.Braci Gierymskich 7/2

43-300 Bielsko-Biała

NIP 5472157757   REGON 363316006


Michał Kołodziejczyk - Race Director
Anna Kołodziejczyk - Administration
Magda & Roman MiszczykLogistics, Supply & Race Centre Manager
Marek Skrzyp – Route Manager, logistic and technical Race support
Sebastian Łebek - logistic and technical Race support
There are 7 courses at Beskidy Ultra Trail (BUT) :
BUT Trek 20 – distance 20km, elevation +1.280m/-1.280m
BUT 10 – distance 10km, elevation +690m/-690m
BUT 40 - distance ok. 40km , elevation +2.160m/-2.160m
BUT 60 – distance 63km, elevation +3.930m/-3.930m
BUT 90 – distance 97km, elevation +5.460m/-5.460m
BUT 130 – distance 132km, elevation +7.070m/-7.070m
BUT Challenge 305 – distance 305km, elevation +15.770m/-15.770m
Maps, profiles and detailed descriptions of all courses available on the website.
BUT 10 = 3h
BUT 40 = 10h
BUT 60=  15h
BUT 90 = 23h
BUT 130 = 29h
BUT 305 = 76h
BUT Trek20 - without time limit. Start and finish beetwen 8:00a.m and 8.00p.m on Saturday
On - course time limits will be available on the website.
Aid stations close down 30 mins after cut off.
Race Centre: City Szczyrk
Szczyrkowskie Centrum Kultury 
Amfiteatr SKALITE w Szczyrku
Ul. Beskidzka 106, SZCZYRK
All BUT distances START and FINISH at the same place, as above 
Due to safety reasons organizers reserve the right to shorten the course, change starting time, stop or call off the race in case of extreme weather conditions or natural disasters with no refunds of the starting fee.
  • Participants must be 18 years old on the day of the race. Except for BUT Trek – 16 years old. We allowed to partecipate children under the supervision of adult certifying care on the route
  • By enrolling competitors certify that they participate in the race at their own responsibility and that there are no medical contraindications for taking part in a mountain ultra race.
  • All competitors must be verified in Race Centre on the basis of their ID (passport, driver's licence). Obligatory equipment will also be verified.
  • All competitors are required to follow Race Rules and public road regulations at all times. BUT 90/130/305 participants are also required to follow Babiogorski National Park rules they will receive at the start of the race.
  • Competitors applying for BUT 305 are required to have completed at least two mountain ultra races of at least 100km between 2015 and 2017. For verification purposes we require an email containing all details of the race:
    - Name of participant,
    - Name of the race,
    - date of completion,
    - place and time (hh:mm) – not completed races will not be accepted
  • Registration is only electronic through a form available on the website.
  • Registration starts 10th Jan 2018 at 8:00 p.m
  • Registration ends on 16th September, 2018. No entry nor payment will be accepted following this date.
  • Upon registration competitors are required to pay starting fee immediatelly. Date of payment is a decisive factor.
  • Registration without payment does not secure a place on the starting list.
  • Starting list with payment info will be updated regularly on the enrollment form on the website.
Number of participants is limited to:
BUT 10/40/60/90/130 - 600 participants altogether
BUT 305 Challenge: 40+5 participants VIP
Organisers reserve the right to alter the limits.
BUT Trek 20:
Children till 12years old - free

Adults 60 PLN till 16 September 2018

  • BUT 10:
50 PLN till 27th May 2018
60 PLN till 1st July 2018
70 PLN till 16th Sept 2018
  • BUT 40:

100 PLN till 27th May 2018
120 PLN till 1st July 2018
140 PLN till 16th Sept 2018

  • BUT 60:
150 PLN - till 27th May 2018
170 PLN - till 1st July 2018
190 PLN - till 16th Sept 2018
  • BUT 90:
190 PLN - till 27th May 2018
210 PLN - till 1st July 2018
230 PLN - till 16th Sept 2018
  • BUT 130:
230 PLN - till 27th May 2018
250 PLN - till 1st July 2018
270 PLN - till 16th Sept 2018
  • BUT 305:  



During the race all competitors are required to have all obligatory equipment on them at all times. It will be verified during pre-race registration as well as on the course. Any shortcomings will result in immediate disqualification.
BUT 40/60/90/130/305:
  • Race number with a chip (worn in front, visible and easy to read at all times) - not for BUT305 Challenge
  • Mobile phone with a battery charged and operable for the duration of the race (roaming service recommended, with Organizers numbers (given at registration) recommended
  • Survival Blanket
  • headlamp with spare batteries (not for BUT40)
  • rith spare batteries
  • whistle (not for BUT40)
  • personal foldable cup (no disposable cups on the course)
  • running pack or belt able to store obligatory equipment
  • bottle or hydration pack of at least 1 litre capacity and at least one litre of water or liquid (checked on leaving aid stations)
  • enough food to last to the next aid station
  • waterproof and windproof jacket (regardless of expected weather conditions)
  • trail running shoes appropriate for the surface
  • cap or bandana
  • elastic bandage
additonally for BUT 305:
  • ID or passport
  • running tights or 3/4 tights plus knee-high socks
  • waterproof and windproof jacket with hood (regardless of weather conditions)
  • longsleeve
  • gloves
Recommended Equipment
  • clothes appropriate for the weather conditions
  • water and windproof overtrousers (BUT 305)
  • waterproof gloves (BUT 305)
  • first aid kit
  • anti- chafing ointment (e.g. Vaseline, sudocrem)
  • hand warmers
  • GPS,
  • trekking poles
  • change of clothes
  • GPS device with the route downloaded
  • some money
Starting kit includes:
  • map with exact route,
  • digital route downloadable from the website
  • GPS transmitters for all BUT 305 participants to be followed online
  • Starting bib
  • Race gadget
  • Insurance for the duration of the race
  • Medical and mountain rescue service
  • clearly marked course (see point 12 COURSE MARKING)
  • referees on the course
  • digital time measurement
  • drinks and nutrition on the course
  • room to store your stuff
  • limited amount of basic sleeping facilities on the premises of Race Center
  • recovery meal after the race in Race Center
  • dropbags (BUT 305),
  • basic on-course sleeping places ( BUT 305)
  • finisher's medal
  • cups and prizes for winners
The kit's content depends on sponsors and may turn out richer.
BUT 10, 40, 60, 90 and BUT 130 will be completely and accurately marked. To avoid misunderstandings competitors will be given maps with exact route indicated and will be able to download digital version of the route from the website.
BUT 305 will not be completely marked.
Competitors will be equipped with accurate maps (w. exact route indicated), itinerary (e.g. turn into blue trail, on the top change to yellow, etc) and will have a possibility of downloading digital route from the website. Navigation is part of the challenge.
All courses will be classified for male and females OPEN. No ex aequo classification.
Competitors MUST visit ALL aid stations and submit the race number for check.
Additionally, there will be random on-course control points where participant will be obliged to present their race numbers. Competitors will be classified only on condition of checking in at ALL control points.
All participants are required to:
  • follow Fair Play
  • not to interfere with course markers
  • follow road rules on public roads and in the places where the roads will be crossed.
Failure to obey will result in immediate disqualification.
In case of injury/accident/health issues call emergency number given at pre-race briefing, give your estimated location and await the arrival of rescue team.
In case of resignation during the race competitors are required to inform organisers about it immediatelly. Otherwise, they may be charged with the cost of possible search and rescue mission.
In case of resignation, organisers do not provide transportation to Race Centre.
All participants are required to:
  • take special care of Beskidy nature
  • not to leave the marked course
  • not to litter; all packaging (gels, bars, ets) need to be disposed of in the appropriate places on aid stations
  • not to destroy nature
  • obey the regulations of Babiogorski National Park (only BUT 305)
Failure to obey will result in immediate disqualification.
Failure to obey Race Rules will result in immediate disqualification.
Organisers resevre the right to deny entry to any participant.
In case of disqualification participants have no right to receive starting fee reimbursement.
Pariticipant have the right to voice objection on paying a deposit of 200 PLN but not later than 2 hours of race completion. Objections will be reviewed by the Race Rules Commission chosen by the Organizer.
Every paricipant of the race hereby certifies that he/she understands the potential threat and danger for their health ad life connected to participation in a mountain ultra race. At the same time the participant assumes all repsonsibility for any damage on health and life resulting during the race and not caused by negligence of the Organizer.
Pariticipant agrees to have their image used for Race's promotional purposes and to have their personal data processed for organizational purposes.
Organizer reserves the right to change Race Rules.
Information regarding such changes will be available on the website and announced separately.
Organizer reserves the right to have final say in matters regarding the Rules.


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