Beskidy Ultra - Trail®
Beskidy Ultra - Trail®

BUT 305 Challenge

305km ↗15.770m ↘15.770m Time Limit - 76h



BUT 305 Challenge is self supported event. We do not provide any aid stations/food or help on the course.

We will provide GPS trackers to follow your progress, detailed maps of the route and some random checkpoints on the course. Food, drinks and rest is all your responsibility.

Some important info:

  • We supply timing, race centre (possibility to leave your stuff) post race meal.
  • You will be given a map and a GPS track
  • Start: 28th September, 6:00 a.m.
  • Time limit is 76 hours
  • BUT Challenge is unofficial race therefore we are still trying to have UTMB points qualification. We will keep you posted.
  • There will be no helpavailable from us on the course. External support is allowed as long as you want to and are able to organise it. You will be required to sing a waiver accepting these terms befere the race.
  • You will be followed (via GPS) at all times so in case you get lost or go off course we will be trying to get in touch and guide you back onto the course. In case anyone neglects our guidelines – they will be disqualifed.

Route Description BUT 305:


1. Start at Amphitheatre and along Beskidzka Street then turn right into BLUE trail towards Klimczok shelter and behind the shelter take GREEN and then YELLOW towards Kołowrót pass and BLUE towards Kozia Góra.

2. From Kozia Góra take BLUE towards Równia and RED to Bystra then GREEN to Wilkowice and again GREEN to Magurka.

3. From Magurka take BLUE to Przegibek Pass and then to Groniczki, there change to RED towards Hrobacza Łąka. Still RED towards Porąbka. In Porąbka cross the dam (still RED trail) and behind it tke RED right and up. On the top you will see wider trail turn left and after about 100m you will see a footpath pn the right. Take it and run down towards Kurkowa Street then Klosowa and Kozubnicka Street until you get to the bridge.

4. Behind the bridge turn right and passing ruins of old resort on the right still run along the road unlit you get to the wide trail on the left. Go up and left. On the top on the crossroads turn left and after about 500m turn right behind an old barn on the right. Then right behind the barn right again. Run along the path passing a house on the left all the way down towards the bridge. Behind it turn left into a road and run until you see a turn right into GREEN trail. Follow it till Bukowski Groń , Mała Bukowa and Kocierz.

5. On Kocierz (big resort), behid the buildings turn left into RED and follow it until Kiczora, Potrójna, Łamana Skała, Leskowiec, Groń Jana Pawła II and Jaworzyna until you get to Krzeszów Górny.

6. There still keep to RED and through Carchel Pass get to GREEN and follow it through Lipska Góra to Sucha Beskidzka.

7. In Sucha Beskidzka take BLACK towards Przysłop and there RED towards Zawoja.

8. In the centre of Zawoja turn left and then right and into GREEN trail run towards Cyl na Hali Śmietanowej (at certain point GREEN will change into BLUE, then turn left on YELLOW to the Cyl on Hala Smietanowa. From CYL take RED towards Krowiarki and stick to RED all the way to Babia Góra.

9. From Babia Góra take RED to Markowe Szczawiny and then through Jałowcowy Garb, Mędralowa, Głuchaczki Pass, Jaworzyna, Beskid Krzyżowski and Beskid Korbielowski to Glinne Pass.

10. From Glinne Pass take BLUE up to Góra Pięciu Kopców and then BLACK to Hala Miziowa, From there RED to Trzy Kopce.

11. On Trzy Kopce turn left to BLUE running through Wielki Groń we get to Glinka Pass.

12. On Glinka Pass we cross the road and still on BLUE passing Oszust, Wielka Rycerzowa, and on Wielka Rycerzowa we turn left to RED and run through Kikula and Wielka Racza to Zwardoń.

13. In Zwardoń we take RED down the street and there on the main street in Zwardoń get to BLUE run over the express road on the flyover still on BLUE then through Sołowy Wierch and on to Koniaków and finally to Przysłop shelter next to Barania Góra.

14. On Przysłop we turn right to RED and pass Wierch Wisełka left on to Barania Góra. There we turn left  to BLUE and follow it to the asphalt road and still on BLUE/BLACK  to Szarcula. There we turn right to RED and on to Kubalonka Pass.

15. From Kubalonka we keep running RED through Kiczora, Kyrkawica, Wielki Stożek, Mały Stożek, Cieślar, Soszów Wielki, Soszów Mały, Przełęcz Beskidek to Wielka Czantoria.

16. From Czantoria take BLACK ( right behind Wielka Czantoria there is a great Czech shelter with cheap and excellent beer) run towards Czantoria Mała and there take YELLOW to Ustroń.

17. In Ustroń take YELLOW and then following streets Myśliwska , Partyzantów, left into 3 Maja right into Sloneczna, right into Grażyńskiego and then Szpitalna, Lecznicza, Uboczna, Lecznicza, Zródlana and into RED trail.

18. Take RED to Równica and there at the shelter left into GREEN and down towards Brenna.

19. In Brenna take right into main street until BLACK trail – go left and follow it to Błatnia – on the way change into GREEN.

20. From Błatnia take YELLOW to Klimczok and there on Siodło pod Klimczokiem take right into RED until Karkoszczonka Pass.

21. From there follow RED still until Salmopol Pass and on RED to Malinowska Skała. There turn right into GREEN towards Magurka Wiślańska where you go RED to Magurka Radziechowska.

22. On Magurka Radziechowska turn left into GREEN and follow to Ostre. On the main road take left until Zimnik Hotel and right before it turn left into BLUE.

23. Follow BLUE all the way to Skrzyczne.

24. From Skrzyczne run down GREEN and then RED. On Siodło Pass turn left and follow the concrete slabs road and then on the bottom right along Żylica river to the Amphitheatre where you FINISH.


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