Beskidy Ultra - Trail®
Beskidy Ultra - Trail®

BUT 90 - 3 points UTMB

90km ↗4.500m ↘4.500m Time Limit - 20h





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  1. After the start (race centre – Debowiec1 Street, Dom Zucha) the route goes into the forrest and following  the markings you turn right into horse trail „szlak konny” and follow it until the barrier. Pass the barrier and turn left into Tartaczna Street and after about 100m turn right, pass the brigde and followng the BLUE trail through Kopany, Palenica, Przykra get to Blatnia mountain shelter.
  2. From Blatnia you turn right and follow GREEN trail and run towards Brenna and about 3/4 of the trail turn to BLACK trail 3. In Brenna we pass Town Hall, cross Wyzwolenia Street ( mind the cars) and get to the Amphitheatre where you will find first aid staton.
  3. Passing the Amphitheatre you run onto the bridge and following GREEN trail go towards Horzelnica (next to ski lift) and Stary Groń.
  4. After Stary Groń stick to the BLACK trail towards Grabowa where you turn right and follow RED trail to Bialy Krzyż and Salmopol Pass where you will find the next aid station.
  5. From Salmopol you follow RED towards Malinów and Malinowska Skała.
  6. On Malinowska Skała turn right into GREEN trail and follow it through Zielony Kopiec and Gawlasi to Magurka Wiślańska.
  7. On Magurka follow RED trail towards Barania Góra. There, stop for a while, admire the view and get verified at the checkpoint.
  8. Going down from Barania Gora follow markings until Wierch Wisełka and there left according to the markings (black trail marking barely visible) until the traverse (wide gravel road) turn left and rund down towards Węgierska Górka.
  9. Get to asphalt road and follow it until GREEN trail which leads you though Czerwieńska Grapa until Turystyczna Street and turn left before the bridge into Trakt Cesarski. Follow it to the beauty spot on the right (RED trail). Go down the steps, cross the bridge turn right into the walkway along the river and run around 300m. You will see the Sport Venue on the left – there is the aid station.
  10. Go back to the beauty spot and follow the RED trail towards Glinne and Magurka Radziechowska.
  11. There turn right into GREEN trail towards Murońka and Ostre.
  12. Behind Murońka follow markings towards Hala Ostre and go down steep descent into Ostre where you turn left on the main road towards Hotel Zimnik.
  13. At the hotel you will find aid station. Turn left into BLUE trail towards Skrzyczne.
  14. Behind Hala Jaśkowa follow the marking and take a shapr turn right and then down in the stream bed. Still following the markings get to Siodlo Pass.
  15. After Siodlo run towards Skalite and take the path left (following the markings- still running path) until you see some housings and a concrete slabs on the road downwards ntil you reach a bridge on Zylica river.
  16. Following the bridge turn left. You can see the Ski Jump and the Amphithetare on the right.
  17. Follow the walkway along the river Żylica for about 500m then turn right , get to the main street – Beskidzka Street and turn left.
  18. On Beskidzka Street go left and upwards and then turn right into Górska Street BLUE trail.
  19. Next turn right into Wrzosowa Street BLUE trail.
  20. You pass a church on the left (Sanktuarium MB Szczyrkowskiej) and follow BLUE trail towards Siodlo pod Klimczokiem
  21. On Siodlo pod Klimczokiem turn into RED trail.
  22. Passing mountain shelter at Klimczok still follow RED trail until Bystra Krakowska. There go Świerkowa street and left into Juliana Fałata Street – cross it (mind the road) and still follow RED trail to Jagodowa Street and Beskidzka Street (aid station).
  23. Follow RED trail to Równia.
  24. On Równia turn left into BLUE towards Kozia Góra mountain shelter and then Kozia Góra.
  25. From Kozia Góra follow YELLOW towards Kołowrót pass.
  26. Follow YELLOW and markings (sometimes off trail) up to the mountain lift station on Szyndzielnia (possible checkpoint)
  27. Next to the lift turn right into GREEN trail and follow down towards Debowiec mountain shelter.
  28. Around 300m before Dębowiec shelter follow the markings and turn sharp left then follow markings – beautiful forest trail – towards horse trail „szlak konny” and after about 3k get straight to the finish line.

CONGRATULATIONS!! You have done it!




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